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In the summer of 2005, neighbors from Cerillos and San Feliciano came together informally and
swiftly organized as advocates for the nearby community of homeowners and the surrounding
neighborhood. SOS initiated the 1st meeting with the developer and on Thursday, 9/15/05, the
SOS Executive Committee met with the developer, Marc Annotti of DS Ventures and Brad Rosenheim,
an “Entitlement” consultant, at then Councilman Zine’s office. They presented us with their plan
for the project. Go to Links for the location and layout of the property (6+ acres).
The main principal of DS Ventures is David Schwartzman.

Go to Images for an example of a similar plan the developer already built right here in Woodland
Hills called the Siena Homes project, located off Farralone (1 block North of Burbank; the address is
22201 Philiprimm Street). While the Siena Homes project is also touted as single family houses, you
will easily recognize it as a condominium project, with NO sidewalks, NO driveways, and as many
3-story dwellings as they could jam in there. They do not blend in with the neighborhood.
We strongly urge you to visit the Siena Homes project. Everyone that we have talked with that
has seen the Siena Homes project first hand has come away in disgust.

Even though the developer has withdrawn their “condo” plan, from everything we have learned,
Siena Homes is VERY MUCH representative of the type of project they want to build at Mulholland
and San Feliciano. They plan to build all 2-story homes on small lots, with minimal distance between
homes, inadequate parking, ingress or egress, dangerous driveways, oversized retaining walls,
unnecessary tree removal, in other words, McMansions that will
“penetrate the protected viewshed of the scenic Mulholland Corridor.”

  Developer’s Propaganda:
The developer has tried to mislead the public that they could build 54 houses with the current R1 zoning.
SOS has researched this. They could only get 54 houses on that amount of land if the property was completely flat,
rectangular and open, and there were no protected species. That still wouldn’t leave room for streets, sidewalks,
real backyards, hillside slopes or any open space for the existing heritage oak trees. Under standard R1
zoning, there would need to be dedicated streets and increased set backs for rear, side and front yards.

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