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• • • • • HISTORY • • • • •

In June 2005, neighbors in Woodland Hills discovered that a local developer planned to purchase a 6. 2 acre
residential property and had already filed documents with City Planning to rezone it for a high density condominium
project. The land is located along the Mulholland Scenic Corridor, across from Louisville H.S. and consists of
2 adjacent residential lots. To rally against rezoning for the high density condo project, Save Oak Savanna (SOS)
began organization with less than a dozen committed neighbors who sprang into action, became informed
and set out to educate and mobilize the community.

SOS started door to door and engaged in a grassroots dissemination of facts, evidence and applicable laws related
to this proposed development. This led to a unanimous outcry from the larger community supporting SOS’s position.
With local residents and businesses, SOS immediately made an impact with over 700 members joining as one
united voice for the community. SOS became a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, with focused committees,
petition drives, fund raisers and community meetings. SOS’s goal is preserving and protecting the
open spaces and neighborhood identity unique to the area.

Thirteen years later, SOS’s success cannot be denied! The power of a united community encouraged the developer
to reduce the plan from 37 condos, to 29 homes, to 23 homes and now 19 homes. The developer filed for bankruptcy
in 2009, but the same company is now renewing their efforts as Harridge Development Group. SOS stands ready
and diligent in support of low density, conforming designs. Community support has empowered SOS to expand its
participation and presence in the local neighborhood council initiatives and programs, including review
and decisions regarding future development in Woodland Hills and Warner Center.

• • • • • OBJECTIVES • • • • •

The objectives of Save Oak Savanna are:

• Encourage the preservation and protection of the Mulholland Scenic Corridor and open spaces in the community,
including limiting development in residential areas to projects consistent with the neighborhood character and
identity and encourage integration of energy savings and environmental considerations into any proposed project.

• Inform and educate residents and stakeholders about development proposals that exceed current zoning laws,
or require approval of exceptions to the general plan and specific plan requirements and guidelines.

• Inform and educate residents and stakeholders about the public hearing process on proposed developments
and understanding how general plans, specific plans, zoning ordinances and design review boards impact
the neighborhood and development rights and limitations.

• Educating area residents on the value of preserving existing open spaces, protecting wildlife,
and preserving natural resources, including protected oak and walnut trees.

• • • • • POSITION • • • • •

In a community where there are almost non-existent parks and green spaces, any loss of open space
area greatly impacts the character and nature of a community that has as its name–Woodland Hills.

• • • • • SUPPORTERS • • • • •

Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority
Environmental Defense Center
Louisville High School
Breawood-Calabasas HOA
Greater Mulwood HOA

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