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Community Alerts
Our purpose has grown, and we are passing on community watches and missing dog reports to
our large email list. Feel free to let us know about anything that you feel needs to be passed on
to our community.
We'll send out a blanket e-mail with your information.
Your friends at Save Oak Savanna.

Recent Burglaries!
Burglaries are on the rise in these tough economic times. Several incidents have come to our attention
through our email network. Let these incidents be a warning to all to be careful with your loved ones and
with your personal property. These criminals appear to be organized and determined.

Coyotes Are A Fact of Life in Los Angeles!
Keep a sharp watch on your small pets and kids. Coyotes become brave and more aggressive
as their food source is diminished during the summer months.

For more information on dealing with coyotes in our communities:

SOS Helps Neighbors Find Two Lost Dogs
With our extensive email outreach capability, we were able to alert the community to two dogs
that escaped from their owners. The dogs were found and returned to their owners. If your
pet escapes and becomes lost, send us a description and details of the time and place last seen.

Protected Tree Issues

Save Oak Savanna has created a protocol to follow if you suspect someone
is illegally removing a protected tree from your community.

If you have questions about pruning your precious oak trees,
we have some answers that may make the process easier and safer for you and the trees.

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