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Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization (WHHO)
Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy (SMMC)
Mountain Recreation Conservancy Association (MRCA)
Santa Susana Mountain Park Association
Environmental Defense Center
Louisville High School
Breawood-Calabasas HOA
Greater Mulwood HOA
and others

• • • • • DONATIONS • • • • •
We are asking for a donation from every household.
We are suggesting $100 to $200 per house but appreciate whatever you can give.
Please make checks payable to Save Oak Savanna and mail to our address below.
You may also very easily make an online donation via PayPal by clicking the following button:

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We have budgeted the following expenses:

$40,000.00 Legal Expenses for Land Use Lawyer and Environmental, Wildlife and Traffic Consultants to perform
an intelligent and substantiated forensic analysis of the shortcomings of the developer’s Environmental Impact
Report (EIR), and assist community members in preparation of individual responses to the EIR.

$4,000.00 Community Awareness Campaign including weather resistant signs, Newsletters and
Notices for events such as the Public Hearings and Fundraising Events.

We are asking for donations of any amount to help offset these expenses, and appreciate your help.
Your generous donation of $100 or more will be rewarded with a Save Oak Savanna badge so you can
show your support for this extremely worthy cause and help spread the word.

Please send your donation payable to Save Oak Savanna to:

Save Oak Savanna
4622 Cerrillos Dr
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Make a Difference and Save Oak Savanna and Your Neighborhood

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