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Thanks to all our wonderful neighbors who sent letters and
emails, attended the hearing, and spoke at the hearing!
Our collective voice was heard loud and clear.


The LA City Planning Department Public Hearing held October 2nd was well attended by nearly 100 of our
wonderful neighbors and several neighborhood representatives, including the Woodland Hills Warner Center
Neighborhood Council, the 3rd District Councilmanís office, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC),
and the Woodland Hills Homeowners Association. All were vehemently opposed to the current development plans.
Topics of discussion varied from building height to traffic safety concerns to protecting the oak trees and more.
Our strength in opposition to the project was evident in the number of attendees, speakers, and specific complaints.

The developer, Harridge Development Group, presented their 19 house plan insisting they were following the
city codes, keeping disturbance of the overall site to a minimum and further mitigating any remaining issues.
Save Oak Savanna (SOS) argued that, although the developer had made concessions and were getting closer to
a plan that everyone might accept, they still were not complying with the guidelines set forth in the Mulholland
Scenic Parkway Specific Plan (MSPSP). SOSís lawyer, Rob Glushon, further argued that the current plan should
be reviewed by the MSPSP Design Review Board to keep the plan within the realm of acceptability while
there is still an opportunity to make the kind of changes that need to be made.

A provision of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
process is that the developer must submit alternative plans for comparison. The developer insists that
their initial submission of 37 condominiums back in 2007 was sufficient as an acceptable alternative.
The SMMC argued that an alternative plan that saved more trees and consisted of 14 homes
was submitted by them but refused by the developer.

Because this was a hearing, no decisions have been made. The current plans are under advisement
by the Zoning Administrator. On October 31 the developer met with a small SOS team in Councilmember
Bob Blumenfield's office in Reseda to improve open dialogue regarding issues of the project.
Lots of information was exchanged but no progress was made towards real change of the project.

Save Oak Savanna Continues Fight
To Protect The Community!

Save Oak Savanna (SOS) is a local grassroots organization that scrutinizes land use and development in
the community. SOS began in 2005 by garnering unanimous community opposition to a proposed
37 unit condominium development on the 6.2 acre property between Mulholland Drive
(across from Louisville High School) and San Feliciano Drive at Cerrillos Drive.
This is the Western entrance to the historic Mulholland Drive Scenic Parkway.

In 2009 the developer, then called DS Ventures, filed for bankruptcy. Harridge Development Group,
the new name of DS Ventures, is now proceeding with their original plans for development.
Harridge submitted a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on a 19 unit plan on March 17, 2016.
On August 31, 2018 Harridge released their Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
contsisting of the DEIR and responses and updates to the DEIR.

Files are available to the public for review at the Woodland Hills Branch and Platt Branch Libraries,
and the Central Library Downtown Los Angeles. You can also access the files online using the following links.
Draft Environmental Impact Report DEIR
Final Environmental Impact Report FEIR

Click here PDF (9.8 mb) to see a tract map showing encroachment into driplines of protected trees.

The time is NOW for SOS and the community to be involved again to contain this developerís plans.
We look forward to the support and participation of our amazing neighborhood.


The strength of SOS and its members is evidenced by the developerís reluctant withdrawal of their original plan to build
37 condos. SOS remains concerned about many aspects of the project, which is not at all consistent with or compatible with
the surrounding neighborhood (as recommended by the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan guidelines).

SOS opposes the current version of this project & needs COMMUNITY SUPPORT in opposing the developer!

WE NEED YOUR HELP to speak up against this development, before it's too late.

Please check back with this website for continued updates.


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